Strong writing and communication skills are critical for success in all areas of society. Writing is a lifelong skill that forces you to organize your thoughts in a clear and concise manner, whether it be through a text message, an e-mail, a school paper, a college resume, or a job application. Being able to effectively communicate your thoughts and opinions will improve your understanding of new information and help your work be recognized by your peers, your future career, and your community.

Our program will help you learn how to communicate clearly to your audience and to respond logically to literary and informational sources.

After assessing your writing level, our team will customize a writing program that focuses on three primary segments: persuasive writing (to persuade), expository writing (to explain), and narrative writing (to convey experience). The level of focus in each segment will depend on your grade level

These customized programs will educate you on proper sentence construction, (how to write sentences that are clear and grammatically correct), how different genres of writing need to be structured (i.e. narrative writing requires who, what, where, when, why?), and what to include to help a reader understand your message.

Each week, you will choose from a selection of writing topics. Your writing coach will evaluate your draft and instruct you on how to revise your work to clearly deliver your message or ideas. Lastly, you will complete your final version and your coach will do a final evaluation and list your areas for improvement.

Through repetition and continual collaboration, you will notice vast improvements in your writing ability.