Presentation skills are often overlooked in our school system even though any leadership position in our society requires a person to be a strong speaker. The objective of this course is to coach you on the fundamentals of speech and verbal presentation so you can apply this skill in your school, future career, and community. We aim to build confidence and proficiency in your speech and presentation skills so you can deliver your message persuasively and effectively every time.

While learning writing and presentation in tandem, you will combine our interdisciplinary sampling of project material and source information (i.e. literature, current events, art, and culture). You will be instructed on the elements of what makes a persuasive speech and receive established guidelines on how to deliver a clear presentation in a public setting.
Some people have outgoing personalities and are natural presenters, but the key to becoming a top-notch presenter is through practice, feedback, and more practice.

You will be required to choose one category among the following: Book Report, Biographical Reports, Campaign Speeches, Science Report, Geographic Report, Mathematical Report, Current Events Report, Personal interest Report, Community/School Report, and Issue Report. Next, you will choose a specific topic within that category. 

Our speech coaches will work with you in setting your personal presentation goals, which will focus on the following speech styles: convincing, demonstrating, educating, entertaining, and informing. Then, you will learn how to write an outline of your speech and revise your drafts according to your coach’s feedback.


You will also learn and practice the 7 techniques for effective public speaking: (1) Good Eye Contact; (2) No Distracting Gestures; (3) Enthusiasm & Expression; (4) Meticulous Preparation; (5) Use of Voice and Tone; (6) Appropriate Talking Speed; (7) Strong Body Language. You will be required to practice these established techniques in front of your coach, classmates, family, or by yourself in front of a mirror.

Finally, you will make a final presentation that will be evaluated and recorded for your personal records.