Classical Ballet Programs for children are prepared for every age and level. After a year course, in November, Our students take a ballet exam in order to obtain a Certificate of Achievement. Students participate in the recital in June. Performing on stage greatly contributes to the children's artistic education and willingness to learn more. 

  • Contemporary Jazz is the integration of Ballet and Modern Dance. This dance style displays performers' elegant grooves and focuses on the free expression of body movements, it particularly requires strong techniques as well as the rich emotional expressions.

  • Acro dance is a style of dance that combines  classical dance technique with precision acrobatic ments. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context.[1] It is a popular dance style in amateur competitive dance as well as in professional dance theater and in contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.

  • Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking which was created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States. The television show Soul Train and the 1980s films Breakin', Beat Street, and Wild Style showcased these crews and dance styles in their early stages; therefore, giving hip-hop mainstream exposure. 

  • Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humor, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.

Mommy and Me dance session:  

with ages 0-2 where we can do circle time and shake some bells and use sounds and light activity.

With ages 3-4 Mommy and Me dance session is  usually a ballet or Jazz based routine where kids up to the age of four can join. It’s used as an introductory class for toddlers so they can adjust and improve their motor skills before joining a bigger dance class. A mommy and me class is also a great way for teachers to build the trust between their young students. And as the little movers got used to the setup, they can now join other classes without a guardian.

For the ballet jazz class the teacher will typically do a half hour solid of each where they learn the fundamental two positions in ballet as well as how to skip and gallop and jazz they learn how to do pivot turns and running on the beat as well as several other moves and each week they add steps to a routine they can perform for the parents as a showcase evening 

  • Drama - This program will be an introduction into the world of Drama, and will include instruction in a variety of creative elements, public speaking and drama games. Some class work will include improvisation, emotion work, basic acting exercises, techniques and when age appropriate, role playing, allowing the inner performer of your child to come out. This program will contribute to your child’s self-confidence, their creativity and their chance to shine in a weekly ‘stress free’ environment. This class will be taught by a professional in the art of drama for young children for both our recreational class and more advanced students’ class, who are interested,

  • All classes will be taught in a safe, fun, format where we can all bring out the actor inside us out!

  • Adult Ballet Classes: 

Monday: 10:30-11:30

Thursday: 10:30-11:30

Beginner to Intermediate level

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