Classical Ballet Programs for children are prepared for every age and level. After a year course, in November, Our students take a ballet exam in order to obtain a Certificate of Achievement. Students participate in the recital in June. Performing on stage greatly contributes to the children's artistic education and willingness to learn more. 

-Ms. Crossley

Full Lifetime Member CDTA, Past Professional Dancer-Boston Ballet Inc. 



1. How do you join the Canadian National Ballet?

Entry into Canada's National Ballet School's Professional Program is by audition. The audition is a two stage process. Each fall/winter, artistic staff travel across the country auditioning students – Stage 1. Students invited to participate in Stage 2 are invited to attend the School's Summer School, in July.

2.What happens at Summer School in terms of assessment?

During Summer School, students are assessed on their suitability for NBS' classical ballet program. Academic test results and interpersonal skills are also taken into account. Approximately 50 auditioning students will be invited to join the full-time Professional Ballet Program in September each year, while full-time students are assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure that they continue to respond positively to the program's broader challenges.

Students entering academic Grade 5 in September who thrive at the Introductory Summer School will be encouraged to audition for the following year's Summer School.

This initial Summer School experience is designed to help students settle comfortably and confidently into the two stage audition process the following year.

3. At what grade does the School begin?

Students begin their training and academic schooling in Grade 6. 

4.Do students have to re-audition each year?

While not technically auditioning, full-time students are assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure that they continue to respond positively to the program's broader challenges. Students who meet the School's standards are invited to return for the following year.

5.What are the fees to attend the School?

Fees vary depending on whether the student lives in residence or is a day student, and whether they are a Canadian citizen or an international student. Financial information can be found on the

                        Day Students        Boarding Students

Grades 6-8      $19,051                    $36,096

Grades 9-11    $19,301                    $36,346

Grade 12         $19,111                    $34,611*


For students in grades 6 to 11, full-time fees for both tuition and residence are based on the school year (September to July); tuition and residence fees for July Summer School are included. Boarding is not available during Summer School for students in grade 12 and PSP. Various options are available for the payment of fees. Where payment has been approved in installments, post-dated cheques must be provided to the School according to the student's individual fee contract.


NBS remains committed to providing families with the highest possible level of financial support. Assistance is available to students in the full-time Professional Ballet Program based on financial need. Families wishing such assistance must complete a detailed bursary application form, and all such requests are evaluated on the basis of family means. In keeping with the School's status as a national training institution, every effort is made to ensure no Canadian student is deprived access because of financial circumstances.


  • Adult Ballet Classes: 

Monday: 10:30-11:30

Thursday: 10:30-11:30

Beginner to Intermediate level