Book Resources

We have multiple collections in our in-center library and online library, which are composed of about 4,000 hand-selected books. Our prized trove of literature includes original classics, autobiographies, and literary and informational texts, including many Newbery and Caldecott winners.


To meet Common Core Standards and each grade level’s diverse reading requirements, we have continually expanded and modernized our in-center library collections. Our goal is to provide a balance between fiction and non-fiction genres, including reading series with high interest among teens. Our in-house library enables you to read must-read books from a wider variety of genres and subjects than ever before.

Phonics Reading

Intending to balance phonics and whole language, this series emphasizes vocabulary development, comprehension, and higher order thinking skills through the use of funny stories.

Sight Word Reading

This series aims to enhance children's recognition and awareness of sight words that appear most frequently in K-3rd Grade children's books.

Science Reading

With relevant pictures and informative contents, this series will provide children with diverse scientific knowledge and information appropriate to each grade level.

Social Studies Reading

From world history to current events, this series can stimulate children's curiosity about the world and other cultures in various aspects.

Math Reading

The math reading series helps to improve children's knowledge of mathematical concepts and helps them solve math-related problems that they encounter in their daily lives.

Plug-in Leveled Reading Series

These brand-new and original stories written by famous authors have grade relevant contents, vocabularies and sentence structure activities, plus illustrations created by brilliant illustrators from all over the world.

Foktales and Fables Reading

Regionally famous folktales and fables from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe have been carefully selected, newly adapted, and beautifully illustrated to bring them to life in children's hearts.

Vocabulary Reading

Grade equivalent vocabularies are carefully selected through computer analysis and are fused skillfully into stories to help the student not only build vocabulary but also to improve fluency.

Grammar Reading

The grammar reading series is designed to improve children's knowledge of English grammatical concepts which tend to be boring, through the use of funny stories and eye-catching illustrations.

Non-Fiction Reading

Through this series, children can learn about famous musicians, inventions, buildings, natural disasters, famous women, animals, cities, kings, historical events, scientists, political leaders, and more!